This platform reveals EVERYTHING from the mechanics to the mindset of writing, publishing and marketing your book to building a sustainable evergreen Authorship business.

Whether you’re a first time author or you’ve published multiple books, our video training library has something for you.

Authorship academy also features a private community where you can network with other like minded authors and publishers.

Authorship academy gives you the exact tools, strategies and templates you need to write, Publish and market your book(s) to the bestseller level.








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Osamede Arhunmwunde

Osamede specializes in working with leaders and entrepreneurs in all fields of business who want to pursue their dreams of becoming a published author, and break through to their next level of success and significance. He is also an international bestselling author, public speaker, and entrepreneur.


Jennifer Ijeomah

Jennifer is an author and one of Canada’s top fiction Ghostwriters.She has worked extensively with a wide variety of fiction authors and has also ghostwritten a number of bestselling books.As an account manager, she helps clients through their structural and formative steps of fiction writing in order to craft their best work possible.


Preetom Chowdhury

Preetom is a ‘Digital Marketing Strategist’ specializing in Media Buying, Online Advertising, Web analytics, Lead Generation and Email Marketing. He has created hundreds of campaigns, thousands of ads, and has spent over half a million dollars in digital advertising.

He specializes in teaching individuals to create highly targeted Digital Ads using platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. to drive traffic to their message.


Tobi Nifesi

Tobi is a professional content developer, and editor. He specializes in optimizing your content for maximum exposure. He has been featured in top publications: Macleans magazine, Metro, AIESEC, Interlake spectator.
He is also an editor for a major publication company. He teaches and helps authors to strategically communicate the message in their book, attract their target audience, and maximize the reach and potential of their book(s).

” If You Can hold a conversation with a friend over Lunch, You’ve Got The Tools You Need To Write, Publish And PROFIT as an AUTHOR-Authorship Academy Shows You How, All from the comfort of your home, 100% virtually! ”

Featured Students


Mary Snyder

Authorship Academy came at the perfect time. This program did everything that it said it would do

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Joseph Le

This class is quite in-depth. Even if you are an advance publisher, you’ll get some golden nuggets

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Hely Schumann

After completing the illustration work on a children’s book, (about a year and half ago), the author and

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John Thore Stub Sneisen

I want to thank you for the help. I did not know anyone could write a book. Even people that have english

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Carol Banayos

Before starting the Authorship Master Plan Program, I felt overwhelmed with the whole process

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Hali Miranda

Upon deciding I wanted to write a book and be successful with it, I was at a loss on where to go, or even

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