Members Testimonials

I am always impressed with the dedication of the Authorship Academy team. They unselfishly share their knowledge, and experiences and work hard towards the success of their students. They definitely go the extra mile. They are really easy to work with and really give students a non-stop discipleship style mentorship. I had all the help and assistance I needed to get me to where I dreamed of being as a published author.
IBK Akin
Author Plip Plap Plop Children Book Series / Provincial Director of Children's Ministries Manitoba
Upon deciding I wanted to write a book and be successful with it, I was at a loss on where to go, or even how to start. In fact the only thing I knew what to do was write what ever came to mind, and tell my story. When I found Authorship academy and their Mastermind program, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. The knowledge that I have gained about the world of books, authors, self-publishing distribution, and not to mention being a BEST SELLER is tremendous and invaluable. The step by step process is easy to understand, and follow, it made my journey pleasant, fun, and somewhat seamless (creativity is never seamless). I am almost done my first book with their program and honestly am itching and can’t wait to start my second novel. I would highly recommend this program and mastermind team to assist you with your journey, you will not regret it one bit.
Hali M.
Winnipeg, MB
This class is quite in-depth. Even if you are an advance publisher, you’ll get some golden nuggets here. It will be well worth your time. if you wish to learn how to make some money online creating and publishing your own books he makes the process of creating your own book very very smooth and very in-depth it will be worth your time and money. Once you've run into problems he will have a solution for you it is very personal and it feels like a one on one coaching system I highly recommend going through this course.
Joseph le
This program was exactly what I needed right now. I have been looking for a program just like this, which can provide the step by step information for creating and publishing a book. The instruction, techniques and advice are very easy to follow along with. It’s interesting to note how many potential income streams are available just from a single book. It’s worth the money and most importantly worth the time. The mastermind and Author resources that come with this program are truly impeccable. I highly recommend this program.
Kelechi Ukandu
Before starting the Authorship Master Plan Program, I felt overwhelmed with the whole process of writing a book and I didn’t know where to start. When I went through the program, I was amazed at how simplified Authorship Master Plan made the book writing process. In a matter of less than a week, I completed the contents of my book. A major component for the success of completing my book was having direct access to coaching from Osamede Arhunmwunde, along with being a part of a group of other Authors. The ability to tap into other Authors is a great experience because you get to share your creativity and be inspired by one another. The sense of support and community from this program and authorship group was amazing. For anyone looking to write a book and become an Author, this program is for you. You may be asking yourself, who am I to write a book? Instead, you should be asking yourself, what can I share to help others? Everyone has something to offer, and it can be your book, to help, inspire, and have a positive impact on someone's else life. Much Love,
Carol Banayos
Self-Published Author, Entrepreneur, Creator, Coach, and Blogger
After completing the illustration work on a children's book, (about a year and half ago), the author and I found that getting the finished book published would be just as large an endeavour. Osamede helped us navigate through the process smoothly and was very helpful in answering all of our questions. He guided us every step of the way. We could really see that he was passionate about getting our work out there. Our book "Bobby Bishop's Baseball Shirt" is now #1 on the best sellers list for baseball and sports categories for kid’s book! We were very thankful to be working with someone who really cared about our work. We highly recommend Osamede and the services at Couronne Publishing for your next publication!
Hely Schumann
I want to thank you for the help. I did not know anyone could write a book. Even people that have english as their second language. I am very happy with the help an knowledge I have gotten on how authorship really creates a great opportunity for individuals with ideas. I am super excited about the cover that was overdelivered to what I expected and was truly everything that I wanted. Thank you!!
John Thore Stub Sneisen
Author, Founder -The Economic Truth
Authorship Academy came at the perfect time. This program did everything that it said it would do - “This program REVEALS EVERYTHING from the mechanics to the mindset of writing, publishing and promoting your first book”. Not only did it introduced me to another whole level of what an author is but also how much work is really involved. It helped me take an idea, write it, create it and have a printed proof in my hands is under 60 days. To me, that is incredible! Thank you Authorship Academy and your team of people. You not only are making my dreams come true by writing a book but have created a writing monster in me!
Mary Snyder
Author, Creator and Illustrator of Get Hooked on Quilting… by Colouring.